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Christened the “Michelangelo of BOTOX ®” by the BBC for his Artistic Flair, Dr Dan Dhunna is recognised as one of the Leading Cosmetic Doctors in the UK, having performed well over 50,000 injectable procedures.


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A measure of style and precision

“Everyone is individual. We are all unique. Yet beauty is universal.”

“Fashions may change, but the underlying concepts of beauty remain true to their divine origins as recognised by the Great Renaissance Masters. To be able to appreciate and enhance beauty, one must be skilled not just in the knowledge of anatomy and the precision of technique but also with an inherent artistic prowess and a keen eye for design.

Cosmetic Medicine is ever evolving, yet in this hi-tech world of machines, the needle remains a constant and the most beloved.

Such as an artist with his pallet applying multicoloured brushstrokes in a variety of rhythms to bring to life the once plain canvas; an Aesthetic Physician must apply a myriad of approaches and attenuate their skills to the landscape that is before them to achieve potency. To hence approach greatness, one must be able to tailor ones’ techniques to marry both convention and mathematics to create living works of art.

This is Injection Perfection®”

© Dr Dan Dhunna MMXV

Rejuvenating solutions

Dr Dan offers the very best in injectable wrinkle relaxing treatments, dermal fillers and skin rejuvenation solutions which achieve pleasing natural results for patients with minimal downtime.

Restoring Confidence

The way you look affects the way you feel about yourself. The signs of ageing can make us appear tired and stressed.

So for me, it’s about reviving the skin and complexion, softening out the lines and wrinkles and restoring volume and firmness, restoring youthfulness and more importantly confidence.

Redefine Masculinity

It is very important for most men to maintain their masculinity. Dr Dan Dhunna can apply his treatments to create subtle to dramatic changes which can define and enhance masculine features to restore confidence and keep a “man looking like a man” without looking “done”.

With his natural artistic skills, he can create a stronger cheek or jawline, improve an angry looking brow, build back lost volume in the face or providing treatments for sweaty armpits; all examples of an array of options out there for you to discuss within a confidential consultation with Dr Dan Dhunna

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