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Dr Dan Dhunna’s Solihull Clinic

If you have ever had a cosmetic procedure, you’ll understand that one has to study the face in its entirety in order to obtain the most natural-yet-effective results. Simply placing a dermal filler, wrinkle-smoother or dermal thread in the area of concern may not yield the desired effect that you’re seeking and if administered by a practitioner who doesn’t possess an artistic, analytical eye, can even enhance the ageing look of a patient. Dr Dan Dhunna is one of the UK’s leading authorities on full face rejuvenation and offers a range of non-surgical anti-ageing procedures from his clinic in Solihull. Combining his medical expertise with many years in aesthetic practice, Dr Dan Dhunna can take years off your face with one or a combination of injectable treatments. We have listed below these 5 top trending treatments that can be used alone or combines and that his patients in Solihull swear by.

Dr Dan’s Botox Solihull clinic is housed at MK HealthHub Clinic, Cranmore Place, Cranmore Drive, Shirley, Solihull B90 4RZ

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